Wednesday, July 11, 2012

100th quilt for the year

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this is the 100th quilt I've quilted so far this year!  Woo Hoo!
No, I didn't piece all of the quilts I've quilted, you see we have quite the assembly line going around here.  I'm the area coordinator for Binky Patrol ( and we get together at least every other month, more often in the summer to make quilts for kids.  I have about 20 loyal committed ladies and teens who work on these quilts.  Some gals love to cut fabric with my Accuquilt Studio fabric cutter.  We make lots of these quilt kits from the pattern that can be found at  Some love to sew the tops together and then they bring them back to either me or my friend Carla.  We quilt them up and then pass them along to either Rhoda the binding beast, Judy or Nancy to finish off.  Then, they give me a call and I pick them back up and find homes for them.  I pass them off to Kathleen or Wendy who take them to Solano Child Protective Services where they are given to foster kids, they go to Mary who takes them to NorthBay Health care, or they go to Nurse Family Partnership for moms and new babies.  Some quilts get the personal hand delivered touch and go to kids I know.  I teach high school and hear about a lot of kids who need a quilty hug.  I give them to the counselors at my school to pass along or friends of friends.  I get emails from friends all the time saying they heard of a family who lost a parent or someone was in a car accident and needs a quilt.  I always keep a few quilts on hand for emergencies, but can whip up a quilt pretty quickly if needed.  I just timed myself and made a quilt for a local girl battling cancer in 5 hours and 40 minutes.  She loved it :)

I'm quilting up another one to give to my kids' tennis coach whose son was in a motorcycle accident.  He got out of the hospital yesterday.  The doctors said it was a miracle he is alive.  I believe in miracles and I also believe in quilty hugs!

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