Sunday, February 27, 2011

A dinner fairy?

Well, maybe not a real fairy, but this place looks like it could help with meal planning and saving some money. Around my place we have spaghetti at least 3 times a week. My family always knows when I'm not feeling well because spaghetti is my go to meal when I don't feel good. It is quick, easy and a no brainer. In fact, I'm teaching my 13 year old son and 15 year old daughter how to make spaghetti because it is so easy. Brown the ground turkey, cook the pasta, open a can of spaghetti sauce, pick a can of vegetables and dinner is ready.

When my oldest was home for Christmas, she decided that for winter term she wanted to learn to cook. I got her a bunch of cookbooks for Christmas and we started making different recipes out of them. We made all sorts of things and she was surprised that I knew how to follow a recipe and actually cook really good food. Yeah, I can cook, but usually don't. That's pretty sad.

OH, and the migraine won't go away.

If I thought the doctor would actually do something, I would go back, but I'm frustrated that they either don't have anything to try or don't want to try anything else. I see the neurologist on Friday so I'm hoping that he has more options. I'm tired of being in pain. And I don't know what else to do. I just keep taking more and more drugs. I had a friend who used to suffer from migrianes about 15 years ago. They gave her some kind of drug that she used to self medicate. It was on a pump and she just kept pumping and pumping and overdosed and died. I'm afraid to take too much of anything they have prescribed for fear of overdosing. :(

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Even with a migraine

I still managed to get some quilting done these past couple of days.
I had some pink minkie fabric that takes up so much space on the shelf and is soooooo soft, but I really don't like using it so it has sat for a long time. I used it for these two quilts.
These are very small quilts that have been sitting around waiting to be quilted so were a perfect match for each other. It is nice to get both pieces matched together.
A couple of quick strippies as well.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Do you need some quilting done?

Pop on over to Carla's blog. She just got a new robotic quilting machine and has already quilted 24 quilts in a week. Yes, that's right. The woman doesn't sleep.

She will quilt your quilts for you, ship them back to you and you will love her work. She is super fast and really does a great job!

Once the word get out that she is in business, she will have a list a mile long so hurry and get your quilts to her before there is a waiting list!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Golden Globes, Grammies, What about Quilters?

SewCalGal is having a Golden Quilter Award. Check out her blog and take a minute to think about the categories to nominate. Of course, I would pick my mom for the best teacher, quilter and all around most influential quilter in my world, but I'm not so sure she would get the most votes!

Who would you pick in your little part of the world? There are lots of great prizes

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do you know what this is?

It is a mangle. It is an ooooold fashioned ironing machine, probably from the 50-60's and is ugly as sin, but I want it. I don't really want this one, but I want one like it that isn't so ugly. I saw it on Sunday at the thrift store. On the 3rd Sunday of the month, they have a 40% off sale. Which would have made this only $30. If it worked, that would be a great price. You see, the roller on the front heats up and rolls and you put your fabric or clothes (does anyone iron clothes anymore?) and it heats and rolls and presses the wrinkles out of your fabric. With all of the fabric I have around here that is all wrinkly, this thing would come in really handy. But, the problem is, I don't know if it works. So, I could either have a really handy ironing machine, or a giant, ugly place to lay fabric on top of. I have lots of places to put fabric now so I don't think I need another place to put fabric. I didn't get it on Sunday and I didn't get it again today. I don't know how to replace the plug that looks like it burned up and shorted out. If only my dad lived about 2,000 miles closer, he would know how to replaced the plug and then I would have brought it home and he could have fixed it for me and repainted it.
I DO NOT need another project that I will not finish. So, why can't I stop thinking about this really old ironing machine? I think I need a 12 step program or something.
I'm blaming the migraine drugs. Yeah, that's it.
Ok, scroll down and fill out the form and nominate me for the Fresh and Easy charity donation and maybe I can afford a working mangle. Or a 12 step program. I wonder if they would support me in a rehab program for people who start too many projects they never finish...I doubt it.
Stay tuned. One day you will see a mangle on this blog...maybe even this one. Lord help me!

I need your help please

NOTE: seems that sometime on Friday, Feb 25 between 10-11am, the Vacaville store was taken off the drop down menu. So, instead of going to the nomination site, go here and put all of the information in the contact the headquarters page. They will get the idea :)
Here's the link Fresh and Easy Contact Page

I found out about a new store that is opening in my city, Vacaville, Ca. Whenever this store opens, they give away $1,000 to a local nonprofit organization.

I need your help to see if they will give that money to the Vacaville Binky Patrol. Normally, I don't take money for my Binky Patrol group because I don't like handling money and having to deal with the paperwork involved. But, $1,000 is a lot of money and would go a long way to buying something special for our group.

I'm already dreaming about things our group could spend the money on. Maybe getting a Studio fabric cutter ( I have Go! fabric cutter and love it for cutting fabric quickly and accurately. But, the Studio fabric cutter cuts more layers and would really cut the fabric for the Binkies at a much faster rate.

Or, maybe getting a serger would be a good purchase for the group. I have a lot of knit fabric and could make a LOT of baby hats for the newborns at the hospital. I have a serger and used to make baby hats, but my serger is on the fritz and has been giving me nothing but troubles. Having a working serger would be a good investment.

Or, maybe getting more batting for all of the quilts Carla, Jenny and our newest quilter (who purchased Carla's old quilting machine) are cranking out would be a good investment.

In any rate, getting the $1,000 is the first step.

So, how can you help?

First visit the website for the Fresh and Easy store. Click on the Fresh and Easy link to take you to the nomination page.

For the store location, pick the Vacaville location
Organization name: Vacaville Binky Patrol

Organization Phone Number 707-446-6028

Contact Name at Organization Marilyn Lewis Area Coordinator

Organization Address 425 Kirby Ct, Vacaville, Ca 95687

Organization Website

Organization Email

* Tell us about the organization and why it's importantto the neighborhood. (150 words or less)

Anything you want to say here would be great. I just told them that we have donated thousands of quilts since we started in February 2004. We donate locally to NorthBay hospital, Solano Child Protective Services and Nurse Family Partnership. We have sent quilts around the world to Lousiana after Hurricane Katrina, to San Bruno after the gas pipe explosion and to Kazakhstan and Rwanda to orphanages. Anywhere there is a need of a tangible hug, we try to meet that need with a warm quilt.

The store is opening in about a week or two so the quicker you can fill out the nomination form, the better.

Thanks! I know there are some great causes locally and I have some stiff competition and my chances are pretty slim, but it would be great just to be nominated.

Thanks friends!


Ugh, beautiful weather outside. Super bad migraine. Tons of papers to grade. Not a fun day today. :(

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glasses, Who Needs Em?

I do.

And I'm very depressed about it. I've been having those stupid migraines and I decided that I should have my eyes checked. The last time I had my eyes checked I had 20/15 vision. That's pretty much x-ray vision baby. Well, today I had my eyes checked and sure enough I still have 20/15 vision and can see through to your underwear. By the way, your mom was right. You should put on clean underwear when you go out in public. People notice!

But, for reading, I need glasses.

That's not what is causing my migraines. Nobody knows what is causing that. But, sometime between the age of 38 and 45 a person's eyes begin to change. I'm not turning 38 for another 13 years, so I will let you know when that happens to me! But, I guess now that I'm in that age range, I guess the inevietable happened to me.

After the eye doctor told me that I would benefit from wearing reading glasses, only for reading (which I never do) but maybe when I do sewing or quilting or knitting or crocheting or any other up close activity which I do quite often, he took me into the room where they have a zillion and one frames for OLD people. I tried on the first pair and broke into hysterical laughter. They made me I couldn't stop laughing. These people thought I had lost my mind.

I really wanted to cry, but I thought laughing would be the better option.

I tried really hard to be practical and pick a pair that didn't make me look stupid. I'm never going to wear them so it doesn't really matter anyways.

Only old people wear glasses. At least that is what I keep telling myself. 25 year olds don't wear glasses. People who keep having theri 25th birthday over and over again don't wear glasses. I'm.not.old.

I pick up my glasses in 10 days.

I'm OLD. I just hope the pinching glasses don't give me migraines. I can't wear sunglasses because they give me migraines.

I'm going off to have a good cry now.

See you in 10 days.

Monday, February 21, 2011

making more quick strippies

Thanks for Mary at for her super great pattern. Not sure what our Binky Patrol group would do without this pattern!

I got together with my friend Carla today (who still needs to post about her new quilting machine...) and we sorted fabric for more of these great quilts. We worked for 2 hours picking fabrics and got probably 100 quilts picked out and I could not see a dent in either of our fabric stashes. How could that be?

Then, I came home and started organizing my fabric. Carla really has her stuff organized well and mine is a mess. Some is on shelves, but it isn't folded well. So, my daughter says, well, why don't you just fold it and sort it then? Oh, like it is just that easy?

So, I started. I have the whole week off and nothing better to do right? Besides a dentist apt and eye doctor apt tomorrow that is. At least part of it will get folded before it gets used up anyways.

Thanks again Mary! Loving your quick strippie pattern and so are the kids who get these quilts.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

California All State Honor Band

California has it's All State Honor Band this weekend. I am always amazed at what they can do with 14 hours and 108 middle school kids.
These kids were amazing. They didn't get much sleep, learned a lot about music, working together and put on an awesome performance.
My son is looking forward to next year. They have to audition to get in and he practiced for about 3 months for this year's band. As soon as he finds out what the audition piece is, he is going to start practicing. That's how excited he is for next year!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Basics Charity Challenge

Check out this blog and see what basics your local women's shelter or homeless shelter is in need of and maybe win some prizes. The best prize will be providing for the basic needs of another human being! Take a minute today to help someone else.

Jesus said in John 15:13 Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.

I think he was talking about putting aside your own desires and wants for someone else. Taking a minute to stop and buy toilet paper for a stranger isn't on my to do list for the day and will definately put a dent in 'my time' but it laying down my life for another.

Friday, February 18, 2011

good first day

so it isn't the official first day off yet, but I thought I'd get started on my vacation quilting!

Here's the first of many I hope!

9 glorious days

This week is furlough week which means 3 days of time off without pay to help our sad state of California balance the budget. It isn't working well because there are talks of increasing class sizes and cutting pay by another 5-15% again for next year, but for the next 9 days, I have time off from school. Our school district decided to put these 3 days with the 2 days for President's day and the weather looks like a mix of rain and shine.

Plenty of time for indoor and outdoor activities. Quilting, gardening, house cleaning.

9 glorious days!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

before and after

On Sunday was Binky Patrol day. My friend Carla brought me some quilt tops from quilt day last weekend. This is my hanging station before...
And this is after. There are 30 quilt tops waiting their turn. Of course, I have another 40 or so in the quilting room. Next week is furlough week. You see, California is running out of money. We actually ran out of money in 1946, but nobody told anyone and so we have been borrowing money for a long time. Someone just figured this out and so they are taking the money back any way they can. They cut teaching jobs and policemen jobs and firefighter jobs. Now, they 'asked' us teachers if we wouldn't mind taking three unpaid days off in February to help pay back the money they owe. Most of my friends are going places. They have no money to go places, but somehow they are begging and borrowing the money and taking vacations because it is much cheaper to go to Hawaii and Disneyland during February when everyone else is working than it is during the summer when everyone is off.
I will be staying home and quilting :)
Look for lots of posts next week with lots of quilts. I may also even clean my house.
Oh, and I will be going to Fresno for my son's honor band. He is one of 108 kids in the whole state to get picked for the honor band. Pretty cool! He is the #2 kid in the whole state in trombone. Yes, I'm pretty proud. I'm so proud, I'm willing to drive 6 hours tomorrow and 6 hours on Saturday to get him there and back and I won't complain too much about it either.

cat monkey

Every time someone sees this fabric, that was donated by A Quilted Heart in Vacaville for our Binky Patrol group, they call it a cat monkey. Could be a cat...could be a monkey, but it sure is cute! We got quite a few yards and there are quite a few quilts out of this.

2 more

I got two more of the quilts for soldiers done and ready to go to the binding beast. I was over at Carla's yesterday because she got a new toy. It is a robotic quilting machine where you just push buttons and the thing does everything for you! She has quite the pile of quilts ready to go to Rhoda. I have a feeling Rhoda is going to be quite busy now :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I won!

I never win! But today I won a Go! cutter from SewCal Gal. Now, who to give it to? My mom, or my friend Carla?

My mom is a super fabulous quilter and I will call her first and see if she wants a new toy.

What a nice surprise.

Thanks Accuquilt!

UPDATE: I called mom and she said "Oh, I would love one, thanks for thinking of me!" Of course I thought of you first! You are my mom :) Enjoy mom!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

pray for me!

Daughter #2 is learning to drive. I have whiplash and have had several heart attacks. I really, really try not to yell, but when she is turning into a car or stopping 20 feet before the crosswalk, I tend to raise my voice, just a little.
Pray for me...please :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

still one of my favorites

The ButtonBerry Stashbuster Pattern is still one of my favorite quick patterns to make. I like ot make it using 12 blocks instead of the 9 in the printed directions, but you can make it any size you want. You can make it with scraps or color coordinated. I've probably made 300 of these guys! Here's another patriotic one for local donation to the Travis AFB wounded soldiers. I have 2 more needing quilting that will be finished up soon and delivered to a friend who will personally deliver them to wounded returning soldiers. You don't hear about them much in the news, but they are still coming back daily and still need our prayers and support.
This small quilt was a donated top with some really bright happy fabrics. Super fast to quilt and will make a baby happy somewhere!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quilt day pressure is a good thing

Nothing like having a deadline to light a fire under my behind and get me in the sewing room! My friend Carla had a quilt day today. I couldn't make it because my daughter had a tennis tournament in Modesto. That's a story for another day, but when I asked Carla what she needed from me, she asked if I had any quilts that needed binding. You see, Rhoda, the Binding Beast was coming and would need something to keep her busy :)
She loves to put bindings on quilts. Carla was hoping I would be there today to work on the quilting machine and keep Rhoda busy. Since I couldn't be there in person, I figured I'd better be there in spirit and send quite a few quilts that needed binding.
I only had 3 done as of yesterday and thought I might be able to get another 2 done. Well, my constant companion, mr. migraine tried to stop me, but I managed to get all of these done by this morning at 8 when we had to leave for the tournament!
And I've got a question for you. How do you feel about the "Perfect" fabric? I have had this fabric waiting to be made into a quilt for a while. A long while. It made two backings instead of a quilt top. I felt a little guilty using it as backing fabric instead of the front of a quilt, but it did serve a purpose and got two quilts quilted.
Do you have a problem using up fabric that you think might serve a 'better' purpose? I have a lot of fabric like this saved for the perfect or better quilt. But, I am getting better at just using it when I need to. And only feeling guilty for a little while.