Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

As promised, I will begin the New Year with new quilting :)

I sorted my from the internet patterns and have about 75 that I have printed out this past year that I wanted to try out. So, I picked out what I thought would be an easy one and got started this morning. This one took longer than I had figured for. I picked the focus fabric first and cut it all up into as many rectangles as I could. I had more than I needed and ended up getting two tops out of the bunch of squares I made. The first one is 48 x 64
The second top I had to add some fabric strips to the top and bottom of to make it tall enough and I like the way this one looks. The blue strips are 3 inches and the checkered ones are 5 inches. The second one is 39 x 48

I have one block leftover. What to do with that one? I think I will make a kitten quilt out of it and just add some extra fabric around it until it is big enough and send it to my daughter in college to donate to the local shelter. That way it won't end up in my scrap pile and will find a good home.

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