Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday quilting

I am working on the Posh quilt and have all of the blocks sewn together. It measures 40 x 60 and now I need to decide if I should add another row of blocks to make it wider, or to put a border on it. I'm leaning toward the border, so I can save the blocks for another quilt. I didn't count, but I believe I have enough for another quilt. I think I will put those up on the design wall this evening as well.

It is funny, but the first day back after a vacation I could hardly hold my head up when I got home. We ate Taco Bell for dinner and I wanted to go to bed at 5pm. Tonight, I have energy to spare! Of course, the kids did too. Good thing we are doing a lab this week so they can get up and move around and make a lot of noise and play with water. They love doing labs and I love them too...just not all of the set up and clean up.

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