Thursday, January 15, 2009

finals week

This is finals week at my high school and things can get stressful. It is supposed to be a nice, short day week for the teachers, but I have yet to make it home earlier than I normally do. I am working longer and harder this week because things come up that add stress and time to the day.

I have still been finding a few minutes to work with fabric this week. I have been adding borders to the small quilts that I dug out last weekend and have been stuffing the preemie dolls and getting those ready to finish up.

Just not much to share that would interest anyone. I just didn't want anyone to wonder about me and think I got to go on vacation or something :)

I hope to have some progress pictures to share this weekend. Thankfully it is a nice, long, three day weekend. I can't believe I have had to work a full two weeks to get another vacation!

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