Monday, January 19, 2009

Did you "Day of Service" Today?

Ok, so I'm really going to try to give the new president a fair shot at fulfilling all of his promises and a good chance to make good on his ideas for our country. I'm just not sold that he is the next Abe Lincoln/JFK combo. He hasn't done anything yet. He isn't even the president yet! Let's give him some time to see what he can do.

But, since he will be leading our country and he has asked us for a "Day of Service" I decided that I would honor his request and give some of my time today to serve others.

Today I wrestled with the crib bumper set for my friend whose husband serves in the military. He flies airplanes that bring supplies to the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is gone for long periods of time and may or may not get a call to "work" when the baby is due. I remember why I haven't made one of these things in 19 years. They are a pain to make. They are looooooong and take some muscle to get the stuffing inside and everything wants to twist on you. It will take some more wrestling to finsh and I still have to put the ties on it. Then, there is the crib sheet and quilt to make.

Then, I decided to work on the 2nd breast cancer quilt. This one I am calling my obedience quilt. My son has a prayer wall at his preschool where people put up their prayer requests and the teachers and children pray for the needs. When I started the first quilt for my friend at school who had breast cancer, I bought more of the pink ribbon fabric than I needed. I made more squares than I needed and I didn't know why. Well, last week, I just happened to notice that on the prayer wall, there is a lady who is going through chemo for breast cancer. I'm not sure if she is one of the many preschool teachers, or a parent of one of the children, but I felt like I needed to make the 2nd quilt for her.

It is not easy to make a quilt for someone you don't know and then say "God told me to make this for you". I did that last year a couple of times. One was for the mother of a student who was shot and killed. The other was for the mother of the young city councilman who was also shot and killed. I didn't know either of these people, but I felt like they needed a hug that a quilt can give and so I made them quilts with prayers out of obedience. I am hoping to get the binding on this one tonight so I can take it to his school tomorrow and give it to the teachers so they can get it to the lady who needs it.

And last night, I quilted another stripie quilt. The ladies at my church love this pattern from Mary at and aren't willing to try anything else :) Thanks Mary for sharing this pattern with us. I'm sure we have made at least 50 quilts using your pattern.


Alycia said...

Marilyn - You impress me. I love how you have such a giving spirit, and that you act out on that spirit!! You go girl!!

Mary said...

It's funny but I frequently work on a quilt and when it's done or almost done, I hear of someone who's in need of just that quilt.

I like this strippie ...I'm glad to hear that so many have been made. I was thinking just yesterday that it's time for me to make another one.