Monday, July 11, 2016

A really big goal

 I go back to school on August 15.  That's not that far away.  When it gets this close to the end of the year, you can bet I'm counting down the days :)  However, when summer starts to head towards the downward slope, the excitement isn't the same.  I look ahead to all of the things I still need to do and the worry sets in.  I've been working 3-4 hours a day cleaning and sorting and it seems like I'm no further ahead than when I began in early June.  Of course, picking up an entire truck full of yarn today didn't help that problem.  The 30 bags of fabric that were dropped off this week didn't help either.
I've gone through half of the bags and need to take in a load to the new shop that opened with all of the fabric I'm not going to use.  I need to work on those dog beds again and get more of the dog bed stuffing out of the garage and into beds and get those dropped off this week.  My cars are looking like a homeless person lives in there with 15 dog pillows in one and 20 bags of bed stuffing in the other.  The Kia has a recall on the airbag and I stopped driving it when the airbag light came on and it started making a high pitched squealing sound when I drove it, so it has turned into a storage for dog bed scraps.  I can't take it in to get fixed until I get the scraps out of there so I better hurry before the summer comes to a close.

Our next project is the quilts for the kids who have aged out of the foster system.  Their party is August 27.  (My 28th wedding anniversary!) I was originally told there were about 45 kids who would be attending and then today was told it was more like 100.  Yikes!  That's about 6 weeks from now so if I can do 3 quilts a day, I could make it and hopefully won't overload my binding buddies.  That will be one way of getting fabric and rolls of batting out of here for sure.  And I know I can drop off finished quilts with my friend who helps with the party because she has a really big house and can store the quilts until the party.

Having a goal is good for me because it gets me off the couch and working on something.  Now, to learn to say to to more donations, at least until I get this batch sorted!  And to find people in our group who need some yarn.  The man who donated it says he and his wife were married 54 years.  She passed away last year and he was finally able to let it go.  She has fabric too, but his daughter in law wanted to pick out a few things first.  I wonder how much fabric she had if she had this much yarn.  I'm talking a FULL truck load.

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