Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Feeling Blue?

 It is so nice when I have lots of quilts that are all about the same size and I have a really long piece of backing fabric.  I can load them all one after another.  The only limit is the number of quilts that can fit on the machine at one time.
 It is nice too because I don't have to change thread for the top or bobbin and just keep going and going and going.  Sometimes I don't even change the quilt design.  It's not like all of the quilts will be going to the same person, so nobody will know if every quilt gets the same quilt design or not.  Usually what makes me change design is how bored I get with the design of the pattern, or what seems to suit the quilt.  Each of these has a different pattern, because I did three of them yesterday and one today and I just couldn't seem to stick with the same thing over and over.  I was working in the quilting room cutting fabric while quilting so got a lot done.
 I love these 3 1/2 inch square block quilts because they are so scrappy, yet so coordinated at the same time.  I'm not sure who made them, but there is one more that is just a bit bigger so needs a different backing that is wider.  I have some 60 inch backing that will go on the machine today.  I have several quilts that will fit that.  Yesterday I spent an hour or so organizing the quilt tops, but forgot to count how many there are.  If I have time today I will do that.
My little guy has a robotics camp that starts today and then a tennis lesson later this evening.  After a summer of not doing much, this week will be a busy one for him.  The robotics camp looks like it should be fun.  It is taught by my older son's friends from high school and is held at the new store that opened downtown where I am dropping off more fabric and some quilting books.  I'm still finishing up cleaning out the garage and can almost declare it done.  The kitchen is almost finished as well.  I just have a lot of stuff and need to work faster through what I have to make room for all of the new stuff coming in.  I'm trying to recruit a couple of new people to sew quilt tops, but have to quilt faster to keep up with that as well.  Less than a month before school starts, so every day must be used wisely!

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