Friday, July 8, 2016

quilt update

 I've been cleaning like crazy the last couple of days and haven't found time to post the quilts I've worked on.
 My friend Nancy came over to get them to bind and asked if I could do a bunch of pink ones because she had a lot of pink binding she wanted to clean out of her corner of the room.  She has her four grandkids living with her and doesn't have two full rooms like I do to fill with fabric and quilting machines so I was happy to help her out.
 I have a lot of quilt tops so picking out a few pink ones.
 Can you believe I still have two of these quick 9 patch quilts left?  I thought they were all gone, but every time I think I've finished the last of the 300 or more the middle school kids did 5 years ago, I come across another one.  I should stop thinking I've come to the last of them.  They probably multiply in the dark.  Maybe it's time to cut more of these kits?  Carla? :)
 This one is a gorgeous sampler quilt made with beautiful floral fabrics.
 Today I worked in the sewing room and took apart the big wire shelf unit in there and replaced it with a slightly smaller wooden shelf that will hold my fabric.  I'm hoping that my fabric will be more organized and easier to use.  The wire shelf was really big and became a dumping ground for unfinished projects.  The shelves weren't very sturdy and couldn't hold every heavy things, so stacking fabric wasn't very practical.
 Since our article was in the paper last week about sending quilts down to the fire victims at Lake Isabella I've received several phone calls from people wanting to donate fabric.  My almost clean garage is full once again with the donated fabric.  I have a hard time saying no to people who want to make a donation and need to figure out a system of working through and organizing donated fabric quicker.
 I took my Nissan in yesterday because the brakes have been squeaking and grinding.  I just had them replaced in November so they replaced them for free.  The break pads had worn out in such a short time.  It's nice when a company does a great job and takes care of things that don't work right.
 These blocks were made this year by the middle school kids.  They sewed lots of blocks from our leftover strings.  When I told my students this year about making quilts for Japan, one of my students told me that any blocks that were really bad were his.  I just laughed.  He said that he couldn't sew straight.
So, I have been busy and have a long way to go.  It seems the more I clean, the messier it gets.  Tomorrow the construction people are coming to fix some things around the house.  Let's hope they do a better job of fixing things than I do!

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