Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Starting today

If you haven't seen this video yet, I highly recommend you take the 10 minutes to watch it.  Not only can this guy draw, but the information is excellent.  The statistics about spending 30 minutes exercising every day are really eye opening.  Of course, your chances of getting hit by a car are still the same, but if you can live 5 years longer by walking 30 minutes a day, I say it's a pretty good trade off.  Not only does walking increase your life expectancy, but the other benefits, like decreased anxiety and depression make getting out there and getting moving worth getting up off the couch.

So, starting today, I'm going for a walk.  I was so much happier when I walked every day and then life got busy and I stopped.  I made excuses for why I couldn't and so I didn't.

Well, this morning after watching this video and then going to the doctor for my 'female' check up, I decided NO MORE EXCUSES.  I'm gaining weight like crazy and have too many quilts to finish up so I need those extra 5 years.  I stopped on the way home at a park downtown and decided to head out for a walk.  The scenery was nice, but it was a little scary because there weren't any people around except for a couple of homeless people.  One of the guys started following me and was walking pretty fast behind me.  Since I was alone and there weren't any other people within shouting range, I took my phone out to take a picture of the map posted and to be ready to call 911 in case he was going to attack me.  It's sad that I even thought that way, but he stopped about 5 feet from me and was looking around so I took off again and cut my walk short.

After grocery shopping, as soon as I got home and put the groceries away, I finished my 30 minutes by picking one of the dogs and heading out along the trail that is behind my house.  It is just about a mile if you go up and back and takes me just about 20 minutes to do.  The dog was happy to be out and walking and is sleeping soundly now.  The other three were not happy they didn't get to go, but they get all tangled up when we all go together and I do more untangling than I do walking when I take them all.  I wish then end of the field was completely closed in, or I had bigger dogs that couldn't squeeze under the fence and then I could walk them off leash.  But for now, they will just have to learn to take turns.  I love talking to the cows along the fence as they come up to see what is going on.

And then, I came home and ate three cookies :)

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