Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I need your help please

NOTE: seems that sometime on Friday, Feb 25 between 10-11am, the Vacaville store was taken off the drop down menu. So, instead of going to the nomination site, go here and put all of the information in the contact the headquarters page. They will get the idea :)
Here's the link Fresh and Easy Contact Page

I found out about a new store that is opening in my city, Vacaville, Ca. Whenever this store opens, they give away $1,000 to a local nonprofit organization.

I need your help to see if they will give that money to the Vacaville Binky Patrol. Normally, I don't take money for my Binky Patrol group because I don't like handling money and having to deal with the paperwork involved. But, $1,000 is a lot of money and would go a long way to buying something special for our group.

I'm already dreaming about things our group could spend the money on. Maybe getting a Studio fabric cutter ( I have Go! fabric cutter and love it for cutting fabric quickly and accurately. But, the Studio fabric cutter cuts more layers and would really cut the fabric for the Binkies at a much faster rate.

Or, maybe getting a serger would be a good purchase for the group. I have a lot of knit fabric and could make a LOT of baby hats for the newborns at the hospital. I have a serger and used to make baby hats, but my serger is on the fritz and has been giving me nothing but troubles. Having a working serger would be a good investment.

Or, maybe getting more batting for all of the quilts Carla, Jenny and our newest quilter (who purchased Carla's old quilting machine) are cranking out would be a good investment.

In any rate, getting the $1,000 is the first step.

So, how can you help?

First visit the website for the Fresh and Easy store. Click on the Fresh and Easy link to take you to the nomination page.

For the store location, pick the Vacaville location
Organization name: Vacaville Binky Patrol

Organization Phone Number 707-446-6028

Contact Name at Organization Marilyn Lewis Area Coordinator

Organization Address 425 Kirby Ct, Vacaville, Ca 95687

Organization Website

Organization Email

* Tell us about the organization and why it's importantto the neighborhood. (150 words or less)

Anything you want to say here would be great. I just told them that we have donated thousands of quilts since we started in February 2004. We donate locally to NorthBay hospital, Solano Child Protective Services and Nurse Family Partnership. We have sent quilts around the world to Lousiana after Hurricane Katrina, to San Bruno after the gas pipe explosion and to Kazakhstan and Rwanda to orphanages. Anywhere there is a need of a tangible hug, we try to meet that need with a warm quilt.

The store is opening in about a week or two so the quicker you can fill out the nomination form, the better.

Thanks! I know there are some great causes locally and I have some stiff competition and my chances are pretty slim, but it would be great just to be nominated.

Thanks friends!


Mimi said...

I put in a vote for your group- hope you get the funds!!

Barb said...

I don't know how good I did with the essay but it is a done deal....Good Luck!!

KQ Sue said...

I voted. Good luck!

Marlys said...

I've submitted my nomination - good luck!

Helen in the UK said...

OK ... I must be missing something. I couldn't find Vacaville in the drop-down box for the location. Without it I couldn't vote :(