Wednesday, February 16, 2011

before and after

On Sunday was Binky Patrol day. My friend Carla brought me some quilt tops from quilt day last weekend. This is my hanging station before...
And this is after. There are 30 quilt tops waiting their turn. Of course, I have another 40 or so in the quilting room. Next week is furlough week. You see, California is running out of money. We actually ran out of money in 1946, but nobody told anyone and so we have been borrowing money for a long time. Someone just figured this out and so they are taking the money back any way they can. They cut teaching jobs and policemen jobs and firefighter jobs. Now, they 'asked' us teachers if we wouldn't mind taking three unpaid days off in February to help pay back the money they owe. Most of my friends are going places. They have no money to go places, but somehow they are begging and borrowing the money and taking vacations because it is much cheaper to go to Hawaii and Disneyland during February when everyone else is working than it is during the summer when everyone is off.
I will be staying home and quilting :)
Look for lots of posts next week with lots of quilts. I may also even clean my house.
Oh, and I will be going to Fresno for my son's honor band. He is one of 108 kids in the whole state to get picked for the honor band. Pretty cool! He is the #2 kid in the whole state in trombone. Yes, I'm pretty proud. I'm so proud, I'm willing to drive 6 hours tomorrow and 6 hours on Saturday to get him there and back and I won't complain too much about it either.


Cheri said...

I've never quite understood with the big bucks those actors get and should be taxed accordingly, how California can be broke.

Barb said...

Well....that is just too sad actually, someone is mishandling the money somewhere and now we the people have to pay for it.

Have fun quilting....