Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Glasses, Who Needs Em?

I do.

And I'm very depressed about it. I've been having those stupid migraines and I decided that I should have my eyes checked. The last time I had my eyes checked I had 20/15 vision. That's pretty much x-ray vision baby. Well, today I had my eyes checked and sure enough I still have 20/15 vision and can see through to your underwear. By the way, your mom was right. You should put on clean underwear when you go out in public. People notice!

But, for reading, I need glasses.

That's not what is causing my migraines. Nobody knows what is causing that. But, sometime between the age of 38 and 45 a person's eyes begin to change. I'm not turning 38 for another 13 years, so I will let you know when that happens to me! But, I guess now that I'm in that age range, I guess the inevietable happened to me.

After the eye doctor told me that I would benefit from wearing reading glasses, only for reading (which I never do) but maybe when I do sewing or quilting or knitting or crocheting or any other up close activity which I do quite often, he took me into the room where they have a zillion and one frames for OLD people. I tried on the first pair and broke into hysterical laughter. They made me look.like.my.sister. I couldn't stop laughing. These people thought I had lost my mind.

I really wanted to cry, but I thought laughing would be the better option.

I tried really hard to be practical and pick a pair that didn't make me look stupid. I'm never going to wear them so it doesn't really matter anyways.

Only old people wear glasses. At least that is what I keep telling myself. 25 year olds don't wear glasses. People who keep having theri 25th birthday over and over again don't wear glasses. I'm.not.old.

I pick up my glasses in 10 days.

I'm OLD. I just hope the pinching glasses don't give me migraines. I can't wear sunglasses because they give me migraines.

I'm going off to have a good cry now.

See you in 10 days.


Kasey said...

YOUNG people wear glasses, too! This coming from one who has been in and out of glasses since 6th grade. My eyes are bizarre, though, since I'll need them one year, then not the next.
Oh, and young people can have cataracts, too- apparently I'm one of the statistics of kids who had horrible fevers before age 2 and now have cataracts! Talk about feeling OLD.
Cheer up!

Anonymous said...

OH bless your heart Marilyn...you are NOT old...and there are advantages to glasses to see up close! You can also wear some really cute glasses and look really smart! {{{hugs}}}

Hillbilly Handiworks said...

I am 42. I've always had 20/15 vision. I have been wondering how long I would be blessed with such good vision as I kill my eyes looking at this stupid screen all day long!

Barb said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I started wearing glasses when I was nineteen...no fun but if it might help your headaches...which I truly hope goes away. You can get some fun glasses...truly it is not so bad.

Stormy Days said...

Did you just call me old? I had to get glasses when I was 22, couldn't pass the drivers eye test. Now I wear cheaters for reading and some sewing. Boy did I fight this, but it is nice to be able to see again.