Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Do you know what this is?

It is a mangle. It is an ooooold fashioned ironing machine, probably from the 50-60's and is ugly as sin, but I want it. I don't really want this one, but I want one like it that isn't so ugly. I saw it on Sunday at the thrift store. On the 3rd Sunday of the month, they have a 40% off sale. Which would have made this only $30. If it worked, that would be a great price. You see, the roller on the front heats up and rolls and you put your fabric or clothes (does anyone iron clothes anymore?) and it heats and rolls and presses the wrinkles out of your fabric. With all of the fabric I have around here that is all wrinkly, this thing would come in really handy. But, the problem is, I don't know if it works. So, I could either have a really handy ironing machine, or a giant, ugly place to lay fabric on top of. I have lots of places to put fabric now so I don't think I need another place to put fabric. I didn't get it on Sunday and I didn't get it again today. I don't know how to replace the plug that looks like it burned up and shorted out. If only my dad lived about 2,000 miles closer, he would know how to replaced the plug and then I would have brought it home and he could have fixed it for me and repainted it.
I DO NOT need another project that I will not finish. So, why can't I stop thinking about this really old ironing machine? I think I need a 12 step program or something.
I'm blaming the migraine drugs. Yeah, that's it.
Ok, scroll down and fill out the form and nominate me for the Fresh and Easy charity donation and maybe I can afford a working mangle. Or a 12 step program. I wonder if they would support me in a rehab program for people who start too many projects they never finish...I doubt it.
Stay tuned. One day you will see a mangle on this blog...maybe even this one. Lord help me!

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Cheri said...

My mother had one of these when I was growing up so the 50's. I've always wanted one too.