Monday, February 21, 2011

making more quick strippies

Thanks for Mary at for her super great pattern. Not sure what our Binky Patrol group would do without this pattern!

I got together with my friend Carla today (who still needs to post about her new quilting machine...) and we sorted fabric for more of these great quilts. We worked for 2 hours picking fabrics and got probably 100 quilts picked out and I could not see a dent in either of our fabric stashes. How could that be?

Then, I came home and started organizing my fabric. Carla really has her stuff organized well and mine is a mess. Some is on shelves, but it isn't folded well. So, my daughter says, well, why don't you just fold it and sort it then? Oh, like it is just that easy?

So, I started. I have the whole week off and nothing better to do right? Besides a dentist apt and eye doctor apt tomorrow that is. At least part of it will get folded before it gets used up anyways.

Thanks again Mary! Loving your quick strippie pattern and so are the kids who get these quilts.

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Barb said...

I like these strip quilts...