Sunday, January 25, 2009

I love rainy days!

After yesterday's unproductive day, I am so happy with everything I got done today. Binding two quilts before church, then coming home and getting the rose bushes all trimmed. They were ready to start sprouting since the weather has been so nice lately. I know you are supposed to trim them way back in January and I just barely made it this year.

Then, when I came in, it started raining so hard and started to hail. That is always fun. We don't get snow, but sometimes get the hail. It only lasted 5 minutes and by the time the kids grabbed a pan and ran outside, it had stopped.

But, the rain gave me a good excuse to sit on the couch, watch some of my new DVD of the TV show Dirty Jobs and work on the preemie dolls I make. You can purchase the pattern here.

I got two of the dolls finished up today and they are ready for their new homes. These are three pounders. I make them as 'fit' models so that people who make charity preemie items for hospitals know that their items will fit real babies. I sponsored a contest in 2006 and am getting closer to the end of all of the people who made over 100 items for the babies that year. I only have 26 more dolls to make :) I've made about 75 of them so far. It takes about 3 hours for each doll.

You can order the dolls already made from this website

She does a great job on the hands and feet. I finally gave up trying to get the tiny fingers to turn correctly. I did one and it took about an hour per hand to get the fingers to turn right side out and I figured that it just wasn't worth the extra time and effort, so my fingers look like mitts. If I had the extra time, I could stitch fingers, but I have a lot of these babies still left to make so I don't stitch each finger or toe.
I also cut out 4 more dolls in the 5 pound size and started sewing those.

We also had a double rainbow today, which made the day extra special!

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