Monday, January 5, 2009

argh--first finish of 2009

And I forgot to take a picture! I gave the quilt away today at work and I can't ask for it back again!!! This was the quilt I gave away once, right before vacation and then asked for it back so I could actually do the quilting on and then finished it up yesterday so I could give it as a present for real this time. Oh, well. Here is a picture of the top of it anyways. You can just imagine what it looked like quilted. I put some flowers on it with leaves. My quilting is getting better. At least other people could tell they were supposed to be flowers with leaves. One lady asked me if my machine did that by itself or if I had to make those flowers. I guess that is a compliment :)

Here is a picture of the crib dust ruffle I made for my very pregnant friend at work. She is having a boy in March and picked out the monkey fabric and the red polka dots. I picked out the blue stripes and I think this looks great! I won't tell you how long it took to make this silly thing, but now I know why my kids never had these for their cribs or beds. I could have made 3 quilts in the time it took me to sew all of these seams and then zig zag over them and trim everything. When I make something for someone else, I try to be more prefect.

The mother to be, loved it so it made it worthwhile. Now, only the crib sheet, bumper pads and quilt to go :)

and finally, the picture of the squares for the Posh quilt I am working on for the lady who is battling breast cancer. I am making it smaller than the pattern calls for, but I am thinking of adding maybe one more row sideways? I still haven't decided yet. I will sew this together and then measure. I may just sew a border around it. I have about 25 more squares already made. I thought I had made too many for one quilt.

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