Thursday, January 29, 2009

Superbowl Sunday?

Head on over to Quiltville and check out the Superbowl Challenge quilt. I'm not sure if I will join in the challenge or not, but this looks like a nice quilt to use up some scraps. I will be off of work tomorrow to take my daughter to the airport so she can go back to college and have some extra time to sew. I plan to move the quilting machine into her bedroom so I can do some quilting without freezing to death (ok, so you really can't freeze at 60 degrees, but I get cold easily) and hope to have lots of pictures to share by this Sunday.

One of my online groups is having a Superbowl mystery. I still haven't finished the New Year's Eve Mystery that I should be working on and I promised myself that I would make one quilt from a book each month this year and that hasn't happened yet either. I only have a couple days left this month to get busy on that. I have almost used up a whole box of fabric though, so that is great! Most of it went to match to quilt tops, so it is still in the fabric stage, but about half got cut up and put into tops or actually quilted with those quilt tops I worked on a couple weekends ago. This Sunday I will pull another box of fabric into the house and sort through it for both inspiration and as a push to keep working on getting these quilt tops quilted and into the hands of kids who need them.

There is also a male teacher at my work who is in a medically induced coma from the surgeries he has undergone for pancreatitis. I was thinking of working on a quilt for him, I think I have a quilt top that I could add a border to and make it a bit larger for him and maybe get that one quilted up this weekend.

So many plans...

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