Friday, January 30, 2009

good for quilting

Having a child go away, at least for a little while, is good for quilting. When my #2 daughter goes for a sleepover, I get a lot of quilting done. It helps relieve the stress and worry and gives me thinking time as I wonder what she is up to. It also keeps me busy so I am not calling her 12 times and embarassing her.

Daughter #1 went back to college today and was on the airplane for about 11 hours, counting the layover and waiting to take off. That's a lot of time to think and pray and quilt.
I moved the quilting machine into her room and got busy working on the quilts that are ready to go. I have 16 more that are tops with backs ready to quilt and about 20 tops that need backs either sewn to fit, or don't have backs pulled from the stash yet. Now that the quilting machine is back in
the house, I would like to get these 16 quilts done by the end of February--quilted, at least if not bound. We have a long weekend coming up soon. How do people with 'real jobs' do it?

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DebsCrafts said...

Wow Marilyn, great job on my quilt top. And I'm so glad it's going to the group project on AC4C. Thank you!