Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Queen and King

For those of you who don't know, today would have been Elvis' birthday. I'm not a big Elvis fan, some of his music is ok, but I know that it is/was his birthday, because he shares it with the queen, my mother. So, happy birthday mom. She turns 75 today and is my inspiration for all of my quilting.

Just a quick story and lesson I learned from my mom. When we were kids, my mom used to make all of our clothes. She is an excellent seamstress. We used to bug her all of the time to start her own sewing business and design her own clothing line to sell. She always said that if she ever did that, sewing would no longer be fun since she would HAVE to do it. As a child I never understood, because I thought if you liked to do something, then getting paid to do it would mean that you could do it all of the time.

Now that I am older (and wiser) I understand that sewing was her hobby and that getting to chose when and what to sew was what made things fun. When I have to sew something or quilt something and have a deadline, the fun is taken out of the project. But, when I get to chose what I am working on and how long I want to work on it, even if I work longer than I would if I were getting paid, I enjoy the process more.

Thanks mom for teaching me this lesson so long ago.

Enjoy your day doing what you like to do!

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