Friday, January 9, 2009

finally Friday

I can't believe Friday is here again. This week went by quickly. Maybe it was the stress of the end of the semester coming up next week and everyone wanting to get things done and having two labs going in class, or maybe it was the migraines, caused by the stress, or just maybe time is really going faster as I get older, but the weekend is here and I plan to have some fun! I have grading to do of couse, but that will be done and over with as quickly as possible and I plan to finish up the quilt for my friend who is battling breast cancer. I am also working on three preemie dolls that need to be sent out as soon as they are done. I make them as 'fit models' so people can use them to try on tiny clothes they make to donate to hospitals for preemies. These babies I am working on are 3 pounders. I am hoping to get all three babies done this weekend. I only have the hand sewing to finish up. That shouldn't take long.

I am also going to dig through my patterns and find something new to try.

Plus, there is the New Year's eve mystery quilt that I started and which needs some attention. It has tiny pieces and is slow going, but will look great when finished. No pictures to share on that one yet, it is a mystery after all :)

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Studio Christine said...

just wanted to let you know that your preemie baby is adorable.

Is he/she your own design?