Friday, July 6, 2012

trying to keep from going insane

Boy, these new migraine meds are really making me feel like I'm going crazy so today my focus has been on trying to find things to do to keep myself in the present.  I watched a Quilt in a Day this morning (which seems like a week ago now) and finished up a quilt and started organizing my t-shirt collection and took some time to enjoy the flowers in my garden.  What I really want to do is detatch my head from my body and put it in a box.  The ear ringing is no fun and the pressure in my head and neck is almost unbearable when I sit still.  I've read online that these are common side effects and am hoping they go away after a couple of days.   The dizziness is something I'm used to from other medicines I've taken in the past, but even that is getting old at this point.  It's almost time to take the medicine again and I can't even imagine when I have to increase my dose after 5 days!

My husband delivered the quilt for me since I figured it probably wasn't a good idea to drive in my condition and the girls who are organizing the event tomorrow as a surprise for the girl who has cancer were so happy to get it.  I gave them a second quilt that a friend of mine made for a different fundraiser that we never ended up using and told them to pick one for the silent auction and one to give to the girl.  I do hope they post some pictures tomorrow and have heard the newspaper is coming out to cover the party.  It makes me happy that teenagers are organizing a fundraiser for a friend both to encourage her and to help with her medical costs.  Kids really are pretty cool most of the time :)

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Jen said...

Praying you feel better soon! I am so impressed that you're still upright! By the way - what med are you taking? I would think that with such intense side effects, the doc would try something else.... just thinking outloud.....