Tuesday, July 17, 2012

discouraged but not defeated

My migraine is really bad today and I emailed my neurologist saying I'm discouraged that the new medicine isn't working.  I started taking the increased, maximum dosage yesterday and was hopeful because I had a good day yesteray.  Today, the pain is back and nothing I take or do help much.  He says that since I have had migraines for so long, there is no quick fix.  Maybe a good cry would help

I've started cleaning up the fabric in the front living room and although it doesn't make my head feel better, it sure does make that room look better.  It only took about 2 hours and wow what a difference.  I've been able to bring in 2 more boxes of fabric from the garage as well.

I have this HUGE roll of really thick batting that was given to me.  It think it is the 6 oz weight and I was using it when I did the tied quilts, but have decided I can split it for the quilted ones.  I'm trying to clean it up by using it up.  Same goes for the piles of quilt tops.  I have them sort of organized, but rather than put them away, I'm hoping to get them all quilted up by the end of the summer.  I counted 44 hanging on the rack in the kitchen, there are more in the bucket an more on the rack in the sewing room.  I have a bucket in the garage labeled quilt tops and I think another bucket in the sewing room.  I know when I run out, Carla has about 5 million more waiting for me, so there is no end in sight and just like the fabric, once these are gone, more will show up :)  I love it!

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Crickets Corner said...

I am so sorry to hear the new medicine isn't working as fast as they thought it would but I'm saying a prayer that it does build up in your system and give you some relief soon. I would have been in bed with my room in total darkness instead of doing everything you did. I admire you for that. Hope it's better tomorrow.