Friday, July 20, 2012

$306 later

And my sink is fixed.  The best part is, the repair guy didn't make me feel like an idiot for trying to fix it myself.  When he came in and I explained what had happened, he said, 'oh, let's get that snake unstuck first' and then explained that he thought the grease had built up over time and clogged the pipes under the house.  Since I hadn't been running food down the garbage disposal when it clogged and it just stopped running on its own, I guess he knew what he was talking about.

Then, he showed me on the outside of the house where you are supposed to clean out the kitchen sink when it gets clogged up.  Who would have thought to put the clean out trap out there?  Not me!  Well, he snaked out all of the house drains and my husband was about to take a shower when all of a sudden a whole bunch of gunk came squirting up the shower drain.  He jumps out and comes running out (after getting dressed again, thankfully!) and the plumber guy says that I probably loosend up lots of stuff when I ran the Drain-o down there last night and that was the path of least resistance.  He was running the snake and hit a chunk of stuff and out the drain it came.  At least we know we got our money's worth :)

He put everything back together, stoped the waterfall under the sink, got everything running again and now I'm back in business.

Who would have thought that I'd be spending my day dealing with sinks today?  I had plans to be quilting :)

I also started working on my scrap buckets and cutting 1 1/2 inch strips for my insanity quilt.  It's the zig zag rail fence quilt I posted a couple days ago.  The blocks will be 3 1/2 inches when finished and there are about a million of them.  I hope I finish it by Christmas :)


Needled Mom said...

Oh dear. Well, at least it is all repaired and running smoothly.

Jen said...

Glad you got everything under control! Now go sew something!!!!