Friday, July 20, 2012

Comedy of errors

 Ok, so my attempts at fixing the sink were a total failure.  At least I know when to admit defeat and call in the experts.  I probably cost us twice as much by attempting to fix things myself so don't tell my husband ok?

I went to the hardware store this morning and got some new washers and started taking apart the joints so I could get the snake I bought through the pipes.  No problem there.  It went through all 25 feet just fine.  Well, then, what was the clog?

I put everything back together and water started pouring out of every joint!  Hey, that's not supposed to happen!  I twisted and tightened and took everything apart and used plumbers tape and put it all back together again.  Still leaking like a sieve.  Then, I used that tape you wrap around the outside, they sell it on those infomercials.  Supposed to stop a fire hose, you know, can float your boat and everything.  Yeah, except stop a sink from leaking!

Plus, the sink would not drain!  Really?  Where's the clog?

So, I decided to run the snake down the sink.  BAD IDEA!  Now I have a snake stuck in my sink and I can't get it out.  I hope the plumber can get it out and he doesn't laugh at me too much.  I'm about to cry.  I feel like an idiot.  Ugh.

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Jen said...

You're far more handy than I would ever be! I wouldn't have known where to start (other than the yellow pages!) I'm sure it'll be ok!