Friday, July 20, 2012

Big Plans for today

I loaded a really long backing piece onto the quilting machine this morning and quilted up this really cute flannel top that was donated and have several more that will go with the backing piece.  The goal for today is to get through the backing fabric.  There are 30 days left before I have to go back to work and if I could reach my goal of 60 quilts by the end of today, I'd be way ahead of schedule and could double my goal before going back to school.  That would almost clear out the quilt tops that are waiting around here...I think.  There may be a bucket of quilt tops waiting in the garage, but I'm a little afraid to go looking :)  I will come across them as I clean out the garage, a yearly summer chore.  I'm not sure how the garage fills up every year, but somehow every summer I spend a lot of time going through buckets of 'stuff' and getting rid of things we no longer need.  This summer I'm purging with a vengeance because of what we went through at my mother in law's house.  If we haven't used it or needed it since last summer and I can't see a use for it in the near future, it is going to a new home at the local thrift store.  Our thrift store supports the homeless shelter in town so it makes me feel good to support them with my donations.  I love to shop there and know they need things to replace everything I buy :)

But first I must run to the hardware store and buy the stuff to fix the kitchen sink.  I am not a plumber, but I do try to keep the house going.  Thanks dad for teaching me to fix things or at least give it my best shot before calling in the experts :)  I hope I can pass along some of what I've learned to my kids.  My older son loves to try and fix things and he is getting pretty good and helping me out.  We fixed the broken garage door and it has held up for a long time.  I know it makes him feel good to be able to use his brains and hands to make things better.


Alycia said...

Oh to have your energy!!! I love the look of your blog! And I am glad your sink is now working!!

jirons42 said...

I have one son that has become great at home repairs. Our motto is - it's not broken until Christopher says it is!