Monday, July 9, 2012

Wish me luck

I'm off to have an MRI at 4:30 today.  The one thing I do love about Kaiser is they move quickly.  I emailed my doctor on Saturday and again today and he said the medicine should start working and that my symptoms were weird.  Normally people have stomach issues with the Indomethacine not the vertigo, hot face, feeling like my head is getting twisted in two and pressure that I'm having.  (I think he wanted to write back that they would have my padded room ready when I came in for the MRI).  He said the Radiology department would call to schedule my appointment.  I emailed back and asked what I could take for the pain, while I was waiting for the new medicine to start working.  It is supposed to stop my body from making something that my nerves read as pain, when there isn't pain there.  I guess my body has forgotten how to shut off the production of one of the pain chemicals or something.  What a spaz I am!

SO, he emailed back and said I could take the Tylenol #2 and it was ready to pick up at the pharmacy.  I was out and had to go get some.  While there, I stopped by Radiology and asked if I could just schedule the appointment.  They said they had one appointment left today and would I like it?  Of course!  Why wait when I can find out if there is anything in my brain to begin with.  Maybe it is the air in my head making all of this pain?!?!?!

So, wish me luck.  If I'm lucky, they will find something, or not find something.  At this point, I'm not sure what I'm hoping for.  Finding a tumor would mean they could dig in there and get it out, but not finding a tumor would be a good thing too.  Crazy how I think.  I just would like the pain to go away.



Jen said...

Hope all goes well - and that you start getting some answers really soon!

Kasey said...

Thinking of you. I hope they can get this figured out... you've been trucking along so long just having to deal with it, I hope they can find an answer and finally FIX things. Stay strong.