Friday, July 6, 2012

Just under 4 hours

Took 45 minutes to find fabric, cut the borders and sew them on this morning.  I think I took 15 minutes just to find fabrics that would go with the center.  Now to piece the backing, quilt, bind and deliver.

I had high hopes my new migraine medicine would be a miracle drug and am sorely disappointed :(  I feel TERRIBLE today.  It makes me nauseous, dizzy, makes my ears clog up and when I was sewing the borders on, I couldn't even sew a straight line!  I better not drive for a while this morning.

I think I will rest up a bit and watch a quilting show and then get to finishing up this quilt.  It's my older son's 15th birthday today so I have to get out and get his cake at some point, but maybe hubby will have to pick that up if I'm not feeling better soon.  Ugh :(

UPDATE: picked out backing fabric, pieced it and loaded the quilt took about 45 minutes, quilting took 30 more minutes.  So far, I'm 5 hours and 10 minutes into this quilt.  I know I can get it done in under 6 hours.  Quilt in a Day?  Yeah, I'd say so :)

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Jen said...

I can't believe how fast you put something like that together! And while you're not feeling well? Crazy! Hope you feel really lots better really soon!