Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I always feel better

after I do a little quilting.  This morning started off normal and then my oldest son said the fridge made a weird noise and then stopped working.  Great, just what I didn't want to happen, spend my day looking for a new fridge.

I went to three different stores looking for some place that had same day delivery.  Wouldn't you know, nobody delivers fridges the same day.  What's up with that?  How can you live without a refrigerator?  The best I could do was get delivery for tomorrow, so I decided to go home and do some research before spending so much money on a new appliance.

While I was out, my son texted me and said the fridge started working again. So, now what, take a chance and not get a fridge, and just hope that the old one would keep on going, or go ahead and get the new one delivered while we still had a working fridge?  Hubby and I went looking after lunch and found one on clearance and saved about $1,000.  It's last year's model so they are trying to clear it out.  I've never been one to have to have the latest and greatest, so I'm ok with having an older style.  Plus, we never have visitors so nobody (except all of you :) will ever know!

But, that meant coming home to clean a path for the delivery guys tomorrow, which led to cleaning the entire kitchen and cleaning out the old food and getting ready for the delivery tomorrow.  I'm also tackling my sewing rooms which meant not much time for sewing.  I was feeling miserable between my headache and hating to clean so decided a small quilting break was in order.  I justified it by saying I was cleaning up the batting by putting it in a quilt :)

Ok, I have to tell a funny story on myself.  I've had this stereo forever and it stopped working.  I pushed every button and knob and couldn't figure it out.  While cleaning the kitchen, I was just about to get rid of it because I haven't had it work in forever.  I asked my son to see if he could figure out what was wrong with it.  He looks at it and 2 seconds later it starts working.  I asked him what he did to fix it.  He says, "mom, I turned the volume up.  It was all the way down."  Wow, Really?

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