Sunday, July 8, 2012

Irish Chain Block, take 2

Terrible picture, but the measurements came out better this time.  Too bad the block comes out 17 1/2 inches finished instead of 18 inches and that's just the way it's going to be.  I can see a whole quilt made out of this one block and as I laid it out next to the block I made yesterday, I can see some patterns forming already, even though the blocks aren't the same size.  But, I also see that if you make two blocks, you get the same effect and can simplify the whole thing.  I think I am getting the eyes and brain of a quilter here.  I will post directions later this week and a better picture too.

I also started working on the quilt for my sister in law.  When my husband and I cleaned out his mom's house, we saved lots of her sweatshirts and t shirts.  I decided that today as we work through our grief, I would start cutting them up and making a quilt for his sister.  I got them all cut apart and most of them cut to size.  I need projects to work on,

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