Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Red White and Blue blog hop day 3


Today is day 3 of the blog hop and more great blocks and prizes.  I hope you have a few minutes to hop around and check out the blogs.  I was so busy yesterday doing things for everyone else, I didn't get a minute to check in on the hop, but today I'm going to make up for that.  I'm taking some ME time today.

Today will be about packing and shipping more boxes of STUFF off for my sister in law (please pray for her!) as she tries to deal with losing her mom.  Things are going downhill very fast for my mother in law and my sister in law is re-living losing her 2nd born son to SIDS.  Last night we got a call from her husband saying that she was having a terrible time.  I sent16 boxes out yesterday but because of the July 4th holiday, the earliest they can get there is Thursday.  She's afraid they won't make it before her mom passes.  And she's afraid to let go of anything her mom owned.  We spent all weekend sorting and saving things we thought were important and now she wants to save everything that we decided to get rid of just in case it is important.  I totally understand the feeling.  I have a terrible attachment to things (as you can tell the minute you walk into my house) but there is just no way to send everything all the way across the country so she can sort through it.

I'm thinking that maybe if we take some pictures of each box and she can see that the things we thought were to be given to Goodwill really aren't things her mom would have wanted, she will have less anxiety about them and be able to let go and focus on what's important right now.

The doctor told me not to take any pain meds if at all possible so yesterday was an interesting day.  The pain meds don't really work anyways but it was really hard having the headache get worse throughout the day and not reaching for a bottle of pills.  Knowing what is going on in my body helps deal with the pain though.  I just think about that little blood vessel pushing against the nerve and try to breathe deeply and see if lowering my blood pressure can lessen the pain.  I think that some of it is in my head, but sometimes I think I can make the pain a little less.  If I could figure out where the blood vessel is, I could put ice on it, or stick a knitting needle right in that spot :)  NOT Really!  I said something like that on my blog one time and had someone leave a comment thinking I was being serious.  Anyone who has dealt with migraines before understands how often you wish you could stick an ice pick in your eye, to make the pain less.

I read yesterday how the pain is described as giving birth multiple times a day without anesthetic.  That's about right :)  But, the full term baby comes out your eye.

Ok, Too Much Information for a quilting blog, so I'm off to check out the blog hop, enjoy the morning with my kids and see what the day brings.

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Carrie P. said...

It is not fun being "special" I have had migraines but I don't have the same thing you have but I understand what it is like to be in pain. Sorry to hear you are having to deal with it. Hope you feel better knowing what you know.