Saturday, July 7, 2012

number 32

I'm moving right along getting these quilt tops quilted up.  Nothing fancy on the quilting, the goal is to get them quilted so they can be bound and off to Colorado or wherever else they are needed.  My dad just emailed that they got rain in Colorado.  I bet the fire fighters are happy :)

I'm cooking Quinoa for the first time.  It seems to be the latest trend in food these days and someone posted that it was a miracle cure for migraines.  I hope it tastes better than it smells cuz it smells like dirt cooking.  Yeah, go ahead and ask me how I know what dirt smells like cooking :)  I'm actually a pretty good cook, but my family is a very basic food eating family.  They like the same things over and over again.  I have a feeling nobody is going to try this bird seed looking dish.  If my oldest daughter was home, she would give it a go.  I cooked the whole box and that's probably a good thing because the smell is just getting worse and worse and I can't imagine wanting to do this to myself again!  Of course one of the side effects of the new medicine (Indomethacin) is an enhanced sense of smell.  I could probably solve some crimes, just hook a leash on me and show me the scent!  Reminds me of when I was pregnant and everything made me want to puke :)  Oh, how I miss those days.

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Nancy said...

This post just cracked me up. I have a friend who is eating that Quinoa and said i should try it because "it is soo good" hahaha now i have to so I can find out how burn't dirt smells. Thank you for the funny post. it made my day. My father had a heart attack and bleeding on the brain this past weekend - it was a very stressful weekend. He is progressing very well and I am thankful for that. I didn't want you to think I was making light of your migraines only chuckling with you over the Burn't dirt smell. Have a great week.