Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My daughter in China

My oldest left for Hong Kong on Monday.  It was a 14 hour flight and I can only imagine flying half way around the world by yourself, not knowing anyone at the other end to spend a month, living and learning in another country.  She is so brave and makes me so proud on a daily basis.

I'm loving her blog posts and laughing with her at her adventures already.  She has really grown as a person from 2 years ago when she went to New York for an internship by herself where she stayed in her room and hid out most of the time.  Of course, it was 4 degrees and snowing most of the time there, but she was pretty miserable.  Last summer she spent a month touring Greece with a summer abroad program and learning about different authors and the rich history of the country.  I think something has sparked in her to become a world traveler and to get out and see everything that is around her.  She says she wants to go to Iceland and sleep in a glass igloo.  She will probably do it too.


Andee said...

My daughter went to China last year or was it the year before? She LOVED it!

SewCalGal said...

How exciting. I think she'll be fine and have a great time. Just wish you could have a chance to visit her while she is their.

Hong Kong is one of my most favorite cities in the world. Great bus, ferry & subway systems and a lot of fun things to do. Yummy food too. Do have her watch her purse especially at night markets, but I've traveled their many times by myself and never had an incident (just saw a few about to happen).