Tuesday, July 24, 2012

quilt number 60

My goal of 60 quilts in 60 days is complete and I still have 26 days left to go.  I wonder if I can get 100 quilts done by the time I go back to school.  My headache was really, really bad today, but rather than sit and feel sorry for myself, I had a friend over and helped her quilt up a quilt she is making for a friend and then quilted up the stretched stars quilt for Colorado.  I did have a couple of pity parties for myself and emailed the doctor to get my medicine switched again.  Here's hoping this new one does something different. It's another anti seizure medicine (like the Topamax that worked really well for several years) so fingers are crossed.

I also tried yoga with my TV and found out that my carpet smells really bad. :)  It's good to keep your sense of humor.  They do say laughter is the best medicine.  That and quilting I think.


Needled Mom said...

Congratulations! I think you can make the 100!

I hope the new meds make a difference.

Rosa said...

Congratulations.That`s awesome!!.