Monday, July 9, 2012


This quilt called for some swirley quilting.  It is a little cutie!

I gotta tell you I'm mighty frustrated today with my doctor and migraine medicine.  I've been taking it since Friday and it is doing nothing for my headache.  It makes me dizzy, make my face hot throughout the day and there is a weird pressure like someone is twisting my head off.  I described these symptoms to my doctor and he says they are weird but to keep taking the meds.  They are doing nothing to the headache, giving me weird side effects and I'm still supposed to keep taking them?  He didn't say how long I was supposed to take them before they were supposed to start working, so sorry, I'm not really too happy right now :(

I don't like being a Debbie Downer.

Oh, and I lost it at JoAnn's today!  My good friend Judy met me there to exchange quilts.  She is one of my binding beasts.  Rhoda had hand surgery and is out of commission for a while and Judy has been working hard to keep up with me this summer.  We met at JoAnn's to trade my quilts needing binding for hers that were bound.  I needed to get some pink fabric for a quilt for my sister in law and she asked about the fabric I was buying.  Well, of course I had to tell her about my mother in law and started bawling right there at JoAnn's.  I felt bad for the store clerk who was cutting the fabric :( I'm glad I have good friends who let me cry on their shoulder in the middle of a fabric store.  I can't think of a better place to have a good cry ;)

I have too much to do today to sit around and feel sorry for myself for too long.  I hope the doctor gets back to me quickly.  He has arranged for me to have another MRI on my little brain to make sure there ins't a tumor in there and hopefully will give me something to take for the pain until this new medicine starts working.

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jirons42 said...

The way you power through your headaches and just keep going is so insprirational to me to keep going though some nerve pain issues I am having.