Thursday, April 17, 2014

first project of vacation

I'm making a t shirt quilt for a friend at work.  She's been a high school science teacher for a long time, but this is her first and only year teaching at my high school.  She wasn't hired back for next year.  I like her a lot and she asked me if I would take some of her old t shirts and make a quilt out of them for her.  She offered to pay, but I explained that once I turn my hobby into a job, the fun goes out of it.  I started cutting these up tonight and am hoping to have this done in two days.

I just found out yesterday that she will be adopting her grand daughter very soon as well.  I didn't pry, but for some reason, her daughter isn't able to take care of her and won't reveal who the father is.  There are a couple of possibilities and they don't want anything to do with the baby either.  She's a month old and will be coming to live with my friend in a few weeks.  My friend has to go back to Virginia to pick her up.  So in addition to losing her job, she is gaining a new family member.  Talk about stress.  I think she needs this quilt for herself and one for the new baby.

She asked me today if she could buy a quilt for the baby.  She's too funny.  She says she's not too fond of pink and would rather have one in blue, even though the baby is a girl.  I'm going to surprise her with a baby quilt when we get back from break too.  I might make it in green or have some pink and blue in there.  I'm not sure I can break the stereotype completely.  I might even use some of the leftovers from these t shirts in the baby quilt.  My mind is churning!

I'm so glad to be on vacation and have a chance to rest.

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Farm Quilter said...

Sweet of you to make her quilts! Prayers for her and the new life path she is following. Lucky baby to get her for a mom, lucky mom to have you as a friend!