Saturday, April 12, 2014

Quilts from Carla

My friend Carla has the same long arm machine that I have.  She has helped me out so much and taught me much about quilting and life in general.  I'm so glad she is my friend :)

Today I went over and picked up these quilts and many more.  They need to be bound and will be sent off to Pennsylvania to the school stabbing victims along with several I've quilted.  I will be sending a dozen altogether.  That's pretty incredible, to be able to pull together a dozen teenage boy quilts in only a few days, but that's how we roll around here.  When we hear of a need, we make things happen.

 My friend Sandy is coming over tonight to pick up 10 quilts and will get the binding on by Thursday when Easter break starts.  I'm taking another 10 to my friend Rhoda's house and she will have those bound by Thursday as well.  We will be sending some quilts to Humboldt for the kids who were involved in the bush crash that happened a couple days ago.  Kids from Southern California were headed up for a college visit.  Carla's daughter attends Humboldt and this weekend is the day when kids visit and they get to show off how great the school is.  She says they are all having a hard time because many of them lost good friends in the accident.  We will be getting an address and shipping quilts to the families of those who lost kids and to the survivors.

 I'm praying that tragedies stop for a while because it is hard to keep up with all the requests for quilts right now.  I have some personal quilts I need to make.  My principal's daughter is having a baby and she just asked me yesterday for a pink and gold one.
 These quilts are the Take 5 pattern from the Accuquilt Studio.  The big square is 8 inches finished and the small squares are 4 inches finished.  The rectangle is 8x4 finished.  I love it because it cuts the whole block at once and sews up quickly.  Great for using up scraps and looks great too.
 A friend asked me to make her a t shirt quilt from a bunch of shirts she got at her old high school she taught at before coming to work at our high school.  I also need to make one for the lady who runs the blood drive every year.  I have been collecting blood drive t shirts for a couple years and need to start cutting them up.  I just need to find the time to do that.  Once I start, it will be an easy finish, just getting started is the hard part.

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