Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Do you ever get hung up on the 'perfect' fabric choice?

 Do you have some unfinished projects that are waiting to be quilted?  Sometimes for me, picking out a backing fabric can really get me stuck.  Once I have the quilt back made and loaded on the frame, the quilting is easy, especially if I can load enough backing fabric to quilt several quilts at the same time, one after another.
 I'm trying to learn to be more organized so I can get several quilts that will match and I can pick out backing fabric that will go well with all of the quilt tops.  I seem to get slowed down when I have to make decisions, so the fewer decisions I have to make, the better I do.
I miss my daughter who is my fabric picker.  She's really good at matching fabrics and when she is home, she helps me a lot by picking fabrics that go well together.  Sometimes I just have to make a choice and go with it.  I have to give up on the idea of the 'perfect' fabric since I work from stash and don't always have an unlimited supply to choose from.  Once I make the choice, the quilting goes quickly.

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