Tuesday, April 1, 2014

jury duty

What do you think?  Does this outfit say "pick me for a 3 week trial"?

I'm doing my civic duty today and dressed in business casual only to find out the trial they have me selected for is set to run for 3 weeks.  I'm torn between wanting to help out and dreading having to write lesson plans for 3 weeks.  And having to dress like this for 3 weeks.

Half the room of 100 people just filled out a hardship form when they heard it was a 3 week trial.  They need 15 people.  I'm praying God uses me.  Whatever that means.

The last time I served on a jury we convicted 3 people of making meth.  It took only 2 days and was a very interesting experience.

I'm very nervous.  So weird!

1 comment:

jirons42 said...

Maybe God has decided you need a three week break from school drama.