Monday, April 21, 2014

I love these vintage quilts

I have no idea where these quilt tops came from, but I know they have been in my garage for a while, at least a year.  It feels good to finally quilt them up and get them out of here into the hands of kids who will cuddle with them.  40 years is way too long to wait for that!
I know sometimes I make a quilt top and then it sits around for a while, but 40 years is a bit overdoing it don't you think?  How do I know it's been that long?  Well, the polyester fabric is the first and best clue.  I'm really surprised that the fabric has held up so well.  This one was all hand sewn too.  The seams are really well constructed and most of the points are perfect.  I love the pattern on this one and I think I will make one just like it for my friend who is adopting her grand daughter.  It has just enough blue and pink to make her and me happy don't you think?  It doesn't scream BABY GIRL, but leaves you guessing too.  With 9 blocks, it will make up quickly.  I just love the border fabric my friend Stephanie gifted me with a while ago.  It's Hey Diddle Diddle and I had enough to border all three small quilts and it looks like it was made for this quilt.