Sunday, April 13, 2014

Think Big

 So these aren't the biggest quilts we've made, but they are big enough to cover teenage boys and they are in boy colors.  The brown one was made a while back and has waited patiently for the right time to be called into action.
This green one I made in about 2 hours today.  I used my greens box and pulled out every piece I had that was big enough to fit on my Take 5 die.  I only used the 8 1/2 inch square on that die and cut as many squares as I could.  Then when I ran out of my presorted scraps, I pulled out my bigger green pieces.  Stuff that was smaller than a yard, but bigger than a fat quarter, but has been sitting around forever.  You know, the stuff you have been saving for just that 'perfect' project.  The batik leaves fabric is an example.  So is the golf fabric.  WHy was I saving it?  I have no idea.  Then, I found the lime green fabric that was leftover from a backing fabric I had from a wedding quilt I made for my friend Nancy's son some time ago.  I cut it all up, no piece was left!  What?  Not save a little bit, just in case I needed it for the next project?  I am so used to doing that!  What was left was cut into 3 12 inch strips for the next quilt I also made today that is on the machine now.  Yep, two quilts start to finish in the same day.  Whoa, call the quilt police.  This lady busted some serious stash ladies and gentlemen!  And she made some big quilts for big boys!

All of these will go to Rhoda for binding this week and will be in the mail on Friday, fingers crossed.  I can see more of these color controlled quilts in the near future.  My friend Jenny's mom is super quick at putting together the 6 1/2 inch squares I give her so I'm planning on cutting up a whole bunch of my scraps and giving her these 8 1/2 inch blocks with the instructions to make them 8x9 so I will have more quilt tops ready for the next time I need big quilts.  I'm not sure how many we will be sending to Humboldt.

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