Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why I love Binky Patrol, helping the Pennsylvania school stabbing victims

Yesterday when I got up, the news opens with the school stabbing in a high school.  I really didn't want to get dressed and head off to school.
Images of crying students and worried parents filled the TV screen.  Another student was filled with anger and lashed out.

Within a couple of hours of the tragedy, Binky Patrol stepped up and started to ask how we could help.  The closest chapter we have is 220 miles away, but through Facebook, we found a connection that knows the Superintendent of the school and we are collecting quilts for all of the students involved in the stabbings.  There were 22 students stabbed and more than that traumatized by the incident.  Most were boys and as anyone who makes quilts for charity knows, boy quilts are hard to come by, especially boy quilts for teens.

If you want to help out, I can promise that any quilt you make will be delivered to a student.  Just leave a comment on this post with a way to contact you and I will get you the address to ship your finished quilt to.  Quilts should be about twin size because teenage boys are big :)  I know, I have one myself!

I do love hearing how brave these teens were in stepping in front of the attacker and protecting their female friends.  Reminds me of how many great kids there are in this world.  I love that some of the stories are focusing on the good things kids do these days.

Speaking of good things, we are having another quilt day during our Easter break and the kids will be working on quilts.  The quilts they make go to other kids and I'm so proud of them for that.

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