Sunday, April 27, 2014

My dogs obviously have no taste

 So, I worked really hard on this first pet bed.  Don't tell my husband I stole one of his mock turtle neck shirts from the 90's that he hasn't worn since the 90's or he will go looking for it!  I can see some areas to improve on the design for the next one.  First, I'd want to get a smaller shirt because this bed is pretty big, especially if you are making it for a cat or small dog.  I think I will check out my son's sweatshirts and see what he has that is too small for him, then hit the thrift store tomorrow on the way home from work.  Like I need another excuse to stop there.
 After wrangling the dogs and forcing them onto the bed, I got the to hold still for exactly 2 seconds.  Don't judge the haircut.  I'm still learning and the won't sit still.  It usually takes me a couple weeks to get them looking decent.  Harper is the one in front, I think she's the mother to Lily and she is a little better at being patient so her hair is more even.
 That's why she got in two pictures.  I think she's about 7 now.  We've had these girls for about 5 years now.  My husband's friend found them one day in the summer when it was over 100 out.  He was out jogging and someone had left them at the park.  We searched for their owners, but nobody claimed them and so we just kept them.  They are good most of the time, but they obviously have no taste in good things.
They couldn't get out of the new bed fast enough and into the piles of clean laundry.  I guess it is time to put the folded things away so they have no choice but to use the new bed.  They like the pillows I make for them and those take about 10 minutes to make.  Just a square of fabric folder over and sewn around.  This thing took about 30 minutes to make and even some hand sewing thrown in there.  Just goes to show you that simple is best.

I'm hoping to make some of these fancy pet beds for the local animal shelter to use up the loads of scraps we create at the quilt days.  I thought they might appreciate the workmanship that went into them.  Maybe their animals are more discriminating :) and maybe they could sell them to raise some funds for caring for the stray animals.  Maybe...


Jo C. said...

Cute bed! Harper looks just like my Dweezle. Dweezle is 17 and still going strong.. I think your babies might grow to love their new bed. I have a bed that neither Dweezle or the cat will use. Its now on the back porch for the feral cat who comes around. He loves it. No accounting for taste when it comes to our pets!

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute bed! I can't believe that they didn't like it. When I made my pup a mat for the front porch, I couldn't get him off of it. (haha) Nice work on the mat, and you are such a giving person to make those mats for the local animals shelter. I know that they will be very happy to get those! :) -Brittany