Thursday, April 24, 2014

being productive

 It's not even 11am and already this morning I've quilted a quilt, trimmed three quilts, graded a box of lab books, gotten dressed, had breakfast, ironed the interfacing onto the back of all of the t shirts for the quilt I really need to be working on and sorted a box of fabric.  I really wanted to go shopping this morning and get some more plants for the garden before it rains tomorrow, but decided that time would be better spent getting things done instead of making more work for myself.  I still have half a flat of ice plants to find places for and weeds that need tending to, but it's so much more fun to go out and get new things.  I'm wanting more geraniums and some lantana plants for the front yard, but it doesn't seem to be quite time for those just yet.  Maybe a couple more weeks and they will be in the stores.  Patience isn't my strong point.  I could start cuttings from the plants I have, but that would really require patience and I'm not sure I could wait that long, plus my plants are in full bloom right now and I'd have to disrupt the beautiful display in the back yard to make the front yard look nice.  I'm not sure I want to do that either.
 So, I will work on that t shirt quilt and today's goal is to cut out all the shirts and maybe even put the borders on them.  Once that is done, putting the blocks together will be quick.  I'd also like to pull fabrics for the baby quilt I need to have finished by Monday.  Vacation is more than half way over and now I'm feeling the rush of it.  But I'm also feeling the pull of Summer Vacation.  Only 6 weeks of school left and that will go by quickly!
The life of a teacher does have its benefits.

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Bonnie said...

These quilts are beautiful. I usually don't care for the strippy quilts, but these are wonderful. Love the quilting also. You do such nice work.