Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Still winning tennis titles

So, out of the blue today my daughter gets this award in the mail.  She graduated from Oberlin 2 years ago.  The letter that came with this piece of paper says she was one of the top 16 best tennis players in the last decade.  That's pretty random.  Why 16?  Why not 10 or 20?

But, after the day I've had today, this made me smile.

I thought going to the dentist was supposed to make you feel better?  To anyone out there who chooses to be a dentist, I must ask, what were you thinking?  Why would you purposely choose a career where people hate you.  And not just dislike you, but actually hate you and get physically ill when they think about visiting you.

The last dentist visit I had in February, they found two cavities.  He said they were very small, but I should get them taken care of before they became a problem.  Well, today I went in to get them taken care of, even though they didn't cause me any pain.  I've only had one other cavity in my life and that was more than 20 years ago.

After the anesthesia wore off, my jaw hurts and my teeth hurt.  I don't think that is supposed to happen.  I have a horrible migraine.  My neck hurts and I've got to say the dentist is about my least favorite person in the whole world right now.

This vacation isn't very good.  I wonder how may other body parts I can make hurt before I have to go back to school!?!

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