Saturday, April 12, 2014

quilts for guys

 Why is it quilts for guys are so hard to come by?  Is it because I'm a woman and most quilters are women so we tend to pick out the girly colors?  We like the pinks/purples/bright colors that make us happy?  When the call for boy quilts comes in, I'm left scrambling to pick out the quilts that I can make masculine by adding darker borders or blue backing fabric to.
 These three will be headed out to Pennsylvania for the teenage victims of the school stabbing that happened this week.  Not only are boy quilts hard to come by, but make them teen or adult size and you compound the difficulty times ten.  I have to constantly remind myself to pick out male colors and make quilts bigger because guys need comfort too.
That's what I love about scrappy, strippy quilts so much.  They are perfect for guys or gals and they can go with any backing fabric, plus they use up lots of leftover bits that would normally go to waste.  Of course, they take extra time to make because they use up small pieces, but if you have a lot of volunteers to help you out like I do, many hands make for quick work of scraps.  We put these two quilts together at a couple of quilt days.  One day was spent making the blocks and another day was spent making the quilt tops.  Now, the quilts will be sent off to help comfort some kids who should be spending these days looking forward to prom and graduation.

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