Wednesday, April 23, 2014

There is no resting

When I got home from quilt day, I had this message waiting for me on Facebook from my friend. Our church participates in Safe Families. If a parent is going through any difficult situation and needs help with children, the church steps up and takes the kids so they don't have to go into the foster care system. It can be for a day or for months. There is no charge to the family or to the state and members of the church pay for everything the child needs including food, clothing, school expenses and when the parent(s) are ready, the kids go back home, knowing they are loved and supported.

Hey Marilyn The father's house is hosting three children starting today and I was wondering if you had any quilts for older children? There are two girls and one 14 year old boy. The quilts I have are more for babies and toddlers just wondering if you had any laying around thanks

So, I had kept back about 6 of the biggest quilts and told my friend to come on over. I also have about a dozen big quilts that just need binding. There's always something around here for those emergency needs. No time to rest, there's always someone out there needing a hug.

I'm always striving to be more organized to better use my quilting time to accomplish more in the time I have available to make quilts and work with the fabric. Getting more done is always a goal, but isn't always something I accomplish. I often get sidetracked by new projects while in the middle of a project, but I think that happens to most quilters. Too many exciting projects. Maybe I need to make a set of blinders to help me stay focused. :)

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