Saturday, April 12, 2014

needing to make more boy quilt tops

For every boy quilt, I have about 10 quilts for girls.  Looks like I need to get in the sewing room and do some piecing.  I love just sitting and sewing mindlessly.  It is so relaxing.  I picked up a whole pile of quilt tops from Carla today and wouldn't you know they are all girl quilts too? :)  I guess we all like making quilts for girls!  Time to break out the Studio cutter and the blues, greens and browns and start cutting.  Good thing I have vacation coming up.  Too bad I have lab books to grade tomorrow.  We are having a quilt day over the Easter break though so looks like the focus of that needs to be sewing quilt tops for teenage boys.  I'll have to see if we have some flannel fabric in boy colors so we can make some rag quilts.  Those don't even need quilting to finish up.  Gotta love that!

Man it is windy here tonight.  The house is shaking and the windows are rattling.  My poor iris may not be there in the morning.  I knew I should have taken pictures today.  Almost all are blooming and were so pretty.  I even pulled a bunch of weeds this morning so you could see them better.  Oh, well.  I was able to enjoy them for a little bit.  Who knows, they may survive the hurricane force winds. says they are 30 miles per hour, but I'm thinking gusts must be up to 50 or more.  It's crazy out there!

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