Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring flowers

 The iris are blooming.  They love the recent rains we have had.  So do the grass and weeds.  Hey, I can either pull weeds or quilt.  Pull weeds or grade papers.  Pull weeds or do just about anything else.  Looks like everything else wins.  I started pulling weeds by the front door and have started working my way away from the house.  That way I can get in the front door.  My guinea pig loves me when I bring her a handful of fresh grass.  My allergy son, not so much.

 What a weird combination.  Purple and gold.  But, I like it.
 And who would have thought of a brown flower.  But, it reminds me of chocolate and I like chocolate.  In fact, the brown iris are my favorites.  Oh, and the black ones too.  They are really a very deep purple, but in the right light, they look black.  I have some of those in the back yard that aren't blooming just yet.  I probably have 30 different colors of iris.  I just love them so much and they give me about a month of blooms.  So pretty.

I think this is a Malva bush.  My dad gave me a plant about 12 years ago before he moved to Colorado and I planted it at my last house.  When we moved, I took a cutting and planted it at my new house.  I can't believe I've kept it alive this long :)  It makes me think of my dad every time it blooms and that makes me happy.

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