Saturday, April 5, 2014

Frustrating Saturday and it's only 9 am

Yep, there's that sock still on the floor!  Why can I only see it in the pictures of my quilt.  I think it hides under the couch and then only comes out when I take a picture.  After this blog posts, I'm picking it up and putting it away...unless I forget again :)  Would you believe it belongs to my daughter who is at UCLA?

Why is it, I am so much better at dealing with my migraines when I have to go to work then on a lazy Saturday when I could just sit on the couch and do nothing?  Is it because I look forward to the weekends so much and have about 17 zillion things I WANT to do that I get really frustrated when I just wake up not feeling well?  Today is such a day.  Ugh.

For the 87th time I am trying to organize my fabric donations.  I just can't seem to work through them quick enough and I've tried every different way I can think of to tackle them.  I've sorted them by size, by color, by just shoving them in buckets, boxes, bags, bins and barrels.  I've allowed them to pile up.  I've cut them and sewed them and hidden them.  Today I'm sorting by size and color.  Big pieces are going into quilt backings and smaller pieces will be cut and made into quilt kits that will be passed out so they can be sewn together.  I have willing helpers.

But, then I wake up with a massive migraine and don't feel like doing anything.

So, I grab some quilt tops and try to find backing pieces and start loading the machine.  I have a friend who runs Project Pearls coming over this afternoon to pick up a bunch of finished quilts to send to the Philippines.  I will be mailing quilts to Washington State today and buying my son a shirt for prom.  I have to pick up his flowers and grade.  So much for my lazy Saturday.

It's already the 5th and this is the first quilt I've done this month.  I'd better get busy if I'm going to keep up with one quilt a day.

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